How long is the waiting list?

The waiting list varies depending on how many people have applied, how many openings there are, family size, where you are getting referred from, etc. There is no concrete answer to this question, but it is normally a few months to a year (in larger family sizes on occasions) after you have applied.

Where are you located at?

We are located on the corner of Virginia Street and Baker Avenue. One block from Turoni’s on Main Street.

Where do I fill out an application at?

All application can be fill out in our office located inside Lucas Place Transitional Housing at 414 Baker Ave. You can also request that we either fax, email, or mail you an application. You can also print an application from our website and mail it in.

How much do I have to pay?

All participates in Lucas Place Transitional Housing Program and the New Start Program pay 30% of their income. All other rental properties are based on the size of the apartment or house, but rent is set for low to moderate income individuals. All apartments or houses for the rental properties are also Section 8 approved.

What if I do not have any income?

Lucas Place and New Start is based on income, so if you do not have any income than your program fees would be $0.00.

Who is eligible?

Please see the about section for the program that you are applying for.

I need a place to go for tonight and I am homeless?

We are not an emergency shelter but will refer you to a place if you call 812-423-8422. We are a transitional housing program that operates off of a waiting list.

Some other numbers to call are:
Ozanam: 422-2214
Aurora: 428-3246
Dorothea MacGregor: 435-5388
House of Bread and Peace: 425-6754
CAPE: 425-4241
YWCA: 422-1191
United Caring Shelters: 426-9960
Rescue Mission: 421-3800
Albion Fellows Bacon Center: 422-9372