Shantel’s Story, New Start

Shantel is a resident of our New Start permanent supportive housing program. She joined our program in December 2009 after being on the streets and in different shelters, for many years.
Shantel struggled finding employment due to her criminal history and drug addiction. Shantel continued to use drugs on occasion while in the program, due to other factors in her life that she finally got help for.
However, with the New Start staff and Stantel’s determination, she completed substance abuse treatment at Stepping Stone in September 2010. Shantel has made many significant improvements in her life. Shantel has remained drug free and was able to obtain employment in December 2010. She also hopes to be able to start college classes in the future.
Shantel keeps up with her housekeeping and is very cooperative with the New Start staff. Shantel is a great example of what the New Start program is all about and the staff can’t wait to see what great things Shantel has in store next.

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