Lucas Place Transitional Housing Program

So far in 2010 Lucas Place has graduated 12 families from its program. This has been a very successful year for Lucas Place and we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the individuals who have been through our program and graduated into permanent housing. Of the families who have graduated:
4 families moved into unsubsidized rental properties. These families made enough income to not require any assistance.
4 families moved into a public housing complex such as Fulton Square or Caldwell Homes.
2 families moved into a rental property and had assistance through the HPRP program.
One client moved into our own rental property with no subsidies.
One client moved into our permanent supportive housing program, New Start.
Of the families that graduated our program, 7 obtained employment while they stayed here.
3 of our graduates started school either at Ivy Tech or USI working towards a degree that will better their lives and their children’s lives.
All of our graduates were able to pay off some of their old debt.
All of our graduates were able to increase their income through employment, assistance that they originally didn’t have, disability awards, etc.
Many of our graduates were able to put some money back in savings that has since helped them now that they are our on their own.

Through ECHO Housing Corporation’s supportive service team and our clients desire to achieve their goals, these families have been able to move from homelessness to affordable, decent, safe, and energy efficient housing while having achieved their own sense of self-sufficiency.

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