2009 Christmas Season

This Christmas at Lucas Place was amazing! Lucas Place received an extreme amount of help from the community this year due to the 12 Days of Caring Article featured in the Courier and Press. The article gave an intimate look at three of the families currently at Lucas Place and also took a look at what Lucas Place does as transitional housing. Not only did the three families featured in the article receive support from the community, but we also received donations of all kinds for Lucas Place as a whole from individuals, local business, and schools. Many people who responded to the article had never heard of Lucas Place and simply called for a loved one that could use the assistance that Lucas Place provides.

We would like to give a special thank you to the Courier and Press for allowing us to be a part of the “12 Days of Caring”. You truly helped us.

Also several organizations such as St. Lucas Church, The Evansville Road Knights, and Christ the King School provided gifts and stocking stuffers for all the children at Lucas Place. St. Lucas Church also let the children of Lucas Place pick gifts for their parents. The Evansville Road Knights provided hams, canned goods, fruit, and other food items to each family as well. We don’t know what we would do without these wonderful organizations and their support.
It was exciting and heart warming to see the look on the family’s faces when donations were given to them. The families could not believe how much support for both them and Lucas Place there was. There were tears shed and thank you after thank you spoken. A lot of the families at Lucas Place had never had a Christmas like 2009 before

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