Fire Damage Causes Water Damage to Lucas Place

On May 30th, 2009 at around 5:00pm, there was a small kitchen fire that caused substantial damage to Lucas Place due to the sprinkler system going off. No one was injured in the fire which is a good thing, but 5 apartments and the office did receive damages.
What started as a grease fire, according to the resident, caused the sprinkler system to go off and put out the fire. However, the amount of water the sprinklers put out caused to much weight on the office ceiling, caving it in and traveling even further to the first floor.
Among the damages are the carpet in four of the apartments, the office, a closet downstairs, and part of the first floor hallway. The ceiling in the office and one of the apartments were replaced. The walls in the office also needed to be replaced as well as equipment, furniture, our brand new copier, etc.
Several residents also lost some items that we are trying to replace one way or another.
The residents in these apartments have been moved to other apartments or their apartments have been repaired and they were able to move back in.
During the construction Michael and Ann had to be moved out of the office and into one of the apartments, causing even more stress.
The office was completed in mid-August and everything for the most part is back to normal.
If you haven’t already, come by and check out the new office and have a look around.
We would like to thank all our clients and outside resources for being so patient with us during that time.

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